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Andrea's Priorities


Addressing the skyrocketing cost of housing & the homelessness crisis:

Housing is a basic human need, but many Californians can no longer afford a safe and secure place to live. As a housing affordability organizer, Andrea has helped local families secure emergency rental and utility assistance and has seen firsthand that housing affordability has become increasingly problematic in our High Desert communities.

In Sacramento Andrea will:

  • Increase all types of our housing supply, especially affordable housing

  • Create pathways to home ownership for High Desert families

  • Reduce homelessness by investing in transitional housing programs and other supportive services, and by keeping people housed through strengthened homelessness prevention programs

  • Ensure families can afford to make rent by limiting excessive rent increases and fighting back against unjust evictions

Creating good paying jobs, right here at home:

Workers in the High Desert face some of the longest commutes in the country–both contributing to the climate crisis and resulting in less time available to spend with family. With inflation and prices of everyday essentials at an all-time high, it’s more important than ever that we prioritize an economy that works for all of us, not just corporations and the super-wealthy—and that starts with growing and strengthening our middle class.

Andrea will fight to:

  • Bring funding back to the district from Sacramento

  • Build a strong local workforce through access to workforce development programs

  • Support small business & pandemic recovery

  • Invest in infrastructure & transportation projects

  • Protect pension plans

  • Create good-paying, union jobs

Ensuring our communities are safe for us all:

Andrea believes that everyone has the right to live in a community where they feel safe and protected. With some types of crime on the rise, it is crucial we work together to ensure public safety through policies that address the root causes of crime, enhance trust between law enforcement and the community, and hold those who abuse their power accountable.

In Sacramento, she will work to:

  • Invest in violence prevention & anti-recidivism programs

  • Increase access to mental health and substance abuse services

  • Keep guns out of the hands of criminals

  • Address the increase in hate crimes

  • Make common sense reforms in our criminal justice system

Investing in education and our youth:

All children–no matter their zip code, background, or family’s income–deserve access to a quality public education. As a former early childhood educator, and daughter of a public school teacher, Andrea has seen firsthand the impact education can have on our youth, their families and our community as a whole. A quality education, and meaningful access to childcare programs, remain our greatest equalizers.

In Sacramento, Andrea will work to:

  • Champion universal preschool

  • Close the opportunity & achievement gap for our students of color

  • Fully fund public schools

  • Bring counselors, nurses, and social workers back to our schools

  • Address the pandemic learning loss that has impacted our students

  • Make college affordability a priority

  • Ensure teachers & staff are supported and have the resources they need

  • Increase access to affordable childcare and afterschool programs

Fostering a healthy community:

From disproportionate effects of the pandemic, to the climate crisis, to limited access to quality healthcare–communities across the High Desert have felt the impact of under-investment in our health and wellbeing. AD 39 is home to some of the highest rates of childhood asthma, COPD, heart disease, and Black maternal and infant mortality in the region. Andrea believes that a healthy community is one that prioritizes the physical, emotional, and mental health of all.

In Sacramento, Andrea will work to:

  • Expand access to quality, affordable healthcare

  • Reduce the cost of prescription drugs

  • Eliminate the disparities in health outcomes across demographics

  • Increase access to mental health & wellbeing resources

  • Invest in substance use recovery programs

  • Ensure access to clean air & water

  • Increase access to green space

  • Protect California’s comprehensive reproductive healthcare

Promoting equity and opportunity for all:

Andrea believes that our state elected officials have both the opportunity and the responsibility to ensure all members of our community are represented. As the largest state in the nation, where California goes other states often follow. 

With that in mind, Andrea will champion policies that:

  • Close the pay gap for women and workers of color

  • Protect our immigrant communities and create a pathway to citizenship

  • Improve inclusion and accessibility for those with disabilities

  • Ensure California remains a champion for LGBTQ+ rights

  • Eliminate disparities in our justice system 

  • Root out all forms of racism and bigotry

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