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It's far past time that the High Desert had a representative who actually reflects the people, priorities and ideals of our communities. That’s why I'm running for State Assembly, to bring my real-life experiences in early childhood education, government, and community organizing to Sacramento to ensure the Antelope and Victor Valleys have an effective Assemblymember who will fight tirelessly to bring much-deserved resources to our communities.


I started my career working in the arts and early childhood education, quickly realizing how under-resourced our schools are, which pushed me to advocate for education equity on the local and state level. In doing this work, and serving as a deputy district director in our local congressional office, I realized how deeply under-appreciated, yet highly engaged, residents of the High Desert are.


That’s why after the 2020 election, I founded the Antelope Valley Community Organizing Alliance to continue the work of addressing the longtime neglect of our communities from political and economic groups. Now I’m running for Assembly to give the Antelope and Victor Valleys the responsive, common-sense leadership we deserve.


In Sacramento, I will champion the unique needs of our communities and build healthier, more prosperous, and stronger neighborhoods. This includes protecting small businesses while creating good paying and family-sustaining jobs, ensuring quality affordable health care and housing are accessible to all, fully funding our schools to allow students to reach their potential, protecting our air and water, safeguarding immigrant communities, and modernizing our outdated infrastructure while rapidly improving the delivery of public resources.


The 39th District needs a representative who both understands the most pressing obstacles facing working families and isn’t afraid to fight for more resources in Sacramento. Join our movement today to help more High Desert families achieve the California Dream.


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